1.   U.S. Navy Grant – Engineering and Space Sciences contract no. NONR-222(87), University of California, Berkeley, CA 96720, 1971 – 1974, GV-25957 ONR Navy Grant Prof. P. Lieber, (Principle Investigator) P.I. and Contract Monitor, E.A. Rauscher, 2nd P.I. – Engineering Office of Research. Research Topic: Formulation of geometrical constraints applied to Einstein’s field equation’s and quantum gravity in cosmogenesis and cosmological curvature calculation using nucleosynthesis equations.


2.   SRI (Stanford Research Institute) International, Radio Physics Laboratory 1975-1977, E024-F1856 Navy Grant with R. Targ, PI, EA. Rauscher, Ph.D., P.I. and director of research on the theoretical formulation of complex Minkowski space, M4 for nonlocality.


3.   Psychology Foundation, Inc. New York, NY 10010, E.A. Rauscher, P.I. – Principle Investigator, WVC – 2V2 (25056) R.R. Coley administrator 1976, 1977, 1981, and 1983, Study of fields and remote sensing systems.


4.   Holms Foundation of the Los Angeles Health Institute (501-c3), 1979, 1980, QC – 4128 carried through San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA Study of field effects on bacteria motility and growth, E.A. Rauscher, Ph.D. P.I. and B. Rubik, P.I.


5.   Primary Energy Technologies Century Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90045, 1980, 1981, 1982, J. Reynolds, contract monitor E.A. Rauscher, P.I., PSRL-3107 AND PSRL-8524, Formulation and application of soliton and nonlinear coherent phenomena to plasma MHD and superconductivity – BCS for possible sources, storage and transmission of power in free space and matter.


6.   Korean Center for Interdisciplinary Research, Medal of Honor Korea 1981.

7.   R.M. Banks and associates of California PSRL-6402 and UCB-LBNL contract W-7405-Eng 48, 1983-1984, Coherent Martensitic phase transitions in shape memory allays, work functions and other coherence matter phenomena, R.M. Banks and Dr. McMillian contract monitors and E.A. Rauscher, P.I.


8.   Martin Marietta now Lockheed Martin, NASA grant AS3-756244, 183, 1984, 1985, contract monitor J.B. Beal, E.A. Rauscher, P.I, and W.L. Van Bise, researcher, Theoretical and experimental and main hydrogen – oxygen tank aluminum 2219-187 Welment and pulsed field designs.


9.   Naval Surface Weapons Center, White Oak, 70-126, Silver Spring, MD 20910, 1982, R34-2-0176 contract monitor E. Byrd, E.A. Rauscher, P.I. and W.L. Van Bise, P.I. Solving Maxwell’s equations in complex space relating to the space relating to the solutions to solitons and nonlinear Schrodinger equation and other nonlinear phenomena and the study fo field phenomena.


10.   Washington Research Center, San Francisco, CA 501-c3 for the Buck Foundation, 1988, H. Dakin, contract monitor, E.A. Rauscher, P.I. and W.L. Van Bise, researcher, PSRL-60788 Man Machine Systems Division TRL Laboratory, Nonlinear analysis of complex machine mode operations and external influences to their operations.


11.   Olive Garvy Foundation for Health, Topeka, KS 1992, contract monitor Dr. Hugh Reordin, Dr. E.A. Rauscher, Ph.D., P.I. complementary, less invasive medicine, FDA studies and theoretical analysis.


12.   Naval Ocean Systems Command, San Diego, CA 92152 1992-1993, Dr. W. Bruner, N66001-91-M-2621 contract monitor, E.A. Rauscher, P.I. and W.L. Van Bise, P.I. Data acquisition and analysis of ionospheric resonance phenomena from natural and man made sources with multistation deployed ground space stations.


13.   Stanford University, Stanford California and Ditron, LLC of Excelsior, MN 55331, #41-1862841 dates 1997-2000, Theoretical finite discrete and infinitesimal group generators and their algebras: theoretical analysis and comparison to experimental data.